Who is my coaching for?

This way of coaching and learning is for students who are willing to learn, to try new things and to go on a journey to transformation.
The key idea is to improve the realtionship between human and horse. Through skilled training we can help the horse to bring out the best in their own character and become harmonious. The same goes for the human.

I coach in Southern Finland and my clinics are facilitated aroud the country.
My students are between all ages and they participate either with their own horse or rented ones.


You can join the lessons individually or with more commitment with a training contract with which you will benefit a deeper understanding of the process. See more ''prices''


From my students:


At some point of my 25-years of riding I notices my motivation decreasing to join riding school lessons, even thou the schools were quality schools with a lot of emphasis on the softness of the relationship between rider and horse. I caught myself performing and just doing the excercises with the cost of loosing feeling and lightness.

Starting as a private student of Tea was perfect timing for me. I her lessons the mundane performance is left outside the ring and the focus is more in finding a true connection to the horse. Tea guides into the learning process holistically through practical realizations.
I have learned how my being influences to a 600-kilo prey animal, for which it's natural to reflect the feel of the beings of the surroundings.
We don't 'just feel it' in Tea's lessions. She also teaches her students to understand the dynamics of the movement.
These days I begin to have a slight notion of what could it mean practically the horse moves with beauty and ease.

As a coach Tea is able to create a field where we can just be, just as we are each day. Also as a skilled interpreteur of horses and humans she knows what to ask firm each student.


I started in Tea's lessons half by coincidence, but lately I've realized that it was a fortunate one.

To my two-decade history of riding Tea's holistic way of coaching has brought deeper understanding and awareness to my practice.Tea's knowledge of rider's biomechanics and influence on the horse combined with the the extra information of the horses learning process have improved my professional know-how inmmensly, also on other areas than riding.
As a rider the awareness of the influence of my seat and the multple tools I have received to improve my seat continuously help me a lot in my work riding many different horses in different stages of schooling.
I am happy to lend my horses to Tea's students for lessons and courses. Her horse's-well-being based way of teaching keeps the possible confusion of bombarding mixed aids and demand of riders unbalanced seat to the minimum. Riders are taught simple clear aids and the base is made solid and strong before moving to more advanced excercises. This makes my horses work is easier even with new people.


I had a long break in riding since my childhood years and I decided to put effort in quality training and bought my own horse.
Tea's coaching has opened my eyes to the world of horses. To study the communication between horses and horses and humans is a delightful way to study myself.
My Aatu-horse has taught me at least as much about myslef as riding.

Tea's coaching has profoundly changed my whole way of thinking.
I am stronger in my center and the fundamental questions have guided me to strengthen the heart of riding and horsemanship.
I am fully committed to this training process as a whole. With the help of Tea's professional skills I'm being supported physically and mentally. I develop the necessary skills that I need for brining my horse and myself forward.