How do I teach?

The goal of my coaching is a skilled and independent horse-human.

With the tools we create create together you can influence and speed up your learning process and increase your and your horses well-being

In ever lession you will learn something new. I will make sure we understand each other and you will receive guidance in what you and your horse need.
We will create a learning language together and a clear idea of the practice. I will take you on a journey to transformation - and you might enjoy it!

My mission is to bring awareness in to the practice and help you to see the blind spots in your practise. Doing so we can enhance the already existing routine and help you to reach your goals.

How do you wish to practice?

Where is you challenge?

Do you need help in recognizing the problem in the way of success?

How is the ambiance when you're around horses?

Do you know how to create an efficient learning environment?

How can I help?

New student? What do I wish from you?

I want you to be honest and willing to chance it to learn something new.
I wish you're committed walk the path of transformation openly and you're willing to try new ways.

I offer a holistic view to the world of riding and horses. I wish to give you functional tools which will bring quality into your daily practice.

You can also take part in training with one of our trained horses. see 'team'