Tea and Team

I coach horses and humans. My approach to riding is more in the relationship of these two.
I wish to meet the horse and the rider in their genuine selves.

I have always been thirsty for knowledge and understanding why things are done as they are done and would there be a way to do thing in a more fun and light way.
I experienced pain in my body when riding and working with horses and that led me to search alternative ways to be, to think, to meve and to communicat.
I searched and studied, home and abroa.. Travelled around the planet and found home in self developmet, yoga, meditation and soft holistic approach to teaching.

My passion is to understand the whole and how can we influence our reality and our happiness.
So being the way we are in our bodies makes a difference in the quaity of life.
In riding we have even more responsibility how we are as we're training not only ourselves but another living being.


1999 - 2002 Ireland
British Horse Society exams
2005 - 2006 Wellness coach and regression therapy training
2002-2013 Yoga ja meditation, several courses
2010- Self development courses, in FInland and abroad, incl. Anthony Robbinsin UPW, Italy
2010-2012 Ride with your Mind ja biomechanics, teacher training, UK
2010-2013 Horses behaviour and learning, training young horses with Tuire Kaimio
2011- Classical dressage, as a student of Sarah Jane Clark, Finland and Spain
2013 - Human de-coding, Skills and awareness training @ Matrix-room, Helsinki

I aim to create the most soft and natural learning environment possible. I believe in systematic practice and rewarding the wanted movement and behaviour.
I will help you to open your eyes to see symmetries and the challenges in that.


Other Team members

I am Mari Jokelainen, a yard owner from Tuusula. My place Chevalinn is a counrty side haven near Jäniksenlinna. Tea teaches at my yard many of the riders and also work with my horses.
I wish you welcome to enjoy a peaceful environment for being around horses.

Check us out at www.chevalinn.fi